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Training 05

The Real
Diversity & Inclusion 



A standard (divisive) approach to teaching and implementation of:

a) Diversity

Teaching and implementation is often based on stereotypes (cultural, national, etc.) creating a non-intuitive, rather handbook-like and superficial communication between people, where culture, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. are elevated above the true mosaic of individual qualities and potential.

This is an unsustainable and unnatural model of functioning in the long term, because every human being is unique.

b) Inclusion

Often trained and implemented as an adaptation of team and/or individual communication based on the cultural, religious, ethnic, etc. differences of a group and/or individuals.

The approach described above can result in internal disruption and division of teams, societies and companies, which is the exact opposite of what is intended.

My (unifying) approach to teaching and implementation of:

a) Diversity

Taught and implemented as being sensitive to the qualities and potential of the individual, regardless of culture, nationality, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity. As the ability to link the qualities of an individual to a job position in the company, etc.

Each and every human being is unique and cannot be reduced to the superficial, often prejudiced and stereotyped perceptions and labelling.

b) Inclusion

Taught and implemented as the creation of a common unifying system of communication based on beyond-cultural, beyond-ethnic, beyond-political, beyond-religious, etc. principles (not rules) that companies, teams and individual people can naturally follow.

Benefits of my approach:

  • It is a return to the natural functioning of companies, groups and individuals.
  • Team(s) will operate on principles of diversity and inclusion and will be unified.
  • The system is trained and implemented to work without supervision and intervention from “diversity and inclusion managers” because each of the employees and/or team members will represent the natural principles of diversity and inclusion. This means saved personal costs as the position of a “Diversity and Inclusion Manager” will not be needed in the company.